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How To Measure Cabinets

Do you want to measure cabinets but need help knowing where to start? Cabinet 4 Less makes it easy with step-by-step guides and helpful do's and don'ts on measuring cabinets. The measurements will help you decide which size, style, and type of cabinet work best for your space. Accurate measurements ensure that the cabinets you purchase fit perfectly in your kitchen or bathroom. Here are some tips on how to measure cabinets correctly:

Step-by-step Guide for Measuring Cabinets

Measure the width.

The first step in measuring your cabinets is to determine the width. Measure the width of the space, considering any obstacles, such as electrical outlets or windows. Make sure to measure from wall to wall rather than measuring the existing cabinet and assuming it will fit.

Measure the height.

When installing cabinets, measuring precisely from the floor up to the top of your cabinetry and any counters or surfaces nearby is essential. Remember to check that there is sufficient ceiling clearance too! By double-checking all measurements, you can rest assured that those new cabinets will fit perfectly and look great for years to come.

Measure the depth.

When selecting a new cabinet, it is essential to accurately measure the depth of your space and ensure that it fits. The depth of the cabinet refers to the distance between its front and back panels; this measurement can be particularly important for base cabinets as it affects how much countertop area will be available. With precise measurements in hand, you can easily identify which cabinetry best suits your needs!

Measure the opening.

Before ordering your cabinets, it's important to measure the opening of the space. It will ensure that the cabinet will fit doorways and around corners on its way to the installation location.

Note any special considerations.

Ultimately, consider any issues that may change the size or design of your cabinets. For instance, if there is an angled wall or sloped ceiling in the area, it's important to order cabinets specifically created for those dimensions.

But it doesn't stop there; We also provide helpful do's and don'ts when measuring cabinets that are important to consider:

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  • Measure cabinet sizes with a tape measure and note the fractions on the tape measure, if available.
  • Double-check all measurements before making orders, especially for doors and windows.
  • Check the thickness of countertops and any other materials that could protrude from the wall.


  • Remember to factor in any additional space needed for an oven or refrigerator when measuring a kitchen design.
  • Don't rush! Take your time double-checking all measurements to avoid any surprises when installing.
  • Avoid using laser levels as they are not always accurate for Cabinet 4. Fewer cabinets due to their unique construction.
Whether you're just starting with Cabinet 4 Less or if you've been installing cabinets for years, Cabinet 4 Less LLC's comprehensive guide on how to measure cabinets will help you get the job done quickly, accurately, and stress-free. With our do's and don'ts on measuring cabinets, you can be certain that your new cabinets will fit perfectly in your home. Get started today!
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